Support Workers

Some years ago we realised that many volunteers or employees in our member groups had little or no emotional or peer support while working on a daily basis directly with families of children with cancer. 

Many groups were providing similar support to families in their area or at a specific hospital, but did not have opportunities to share information or experiences with other support workers from like-minded charities. 

We formed a Support Workers Group to fill this void and to help encourage these important people, who often face very difficult and emotional situations every working day. 

Our Support Workers meet quarterly to share information, discuss the issues they face and provide emotional and practical solutions to problems they encounter.  Approximately 50% of meetings are face-to-face, and 50% are teleconferences to ensure no one is excluded by reason of geography to cost of travel. 

The support workers also share best-practice and useful information on other areas of their work, so the member groups they represent and the families they serve also benefit from these meetings. 

The feedback we receive from these meetings is hugely positive, and contact between the members is also continued by email and telephone between meetings.  This means there is always chance to offload or work together to solve problems, and to share useful information at any time. 

Our Support Worker Meetings are relaxed and informal, and our face-to-face meetings usually end or begin with a shared meal.  This creates valuable time to meet socially with people who fully understand the issues around working with families whose children and young adults have cancer, to rejuvenate and feel supported.

We provide this service at no cost to our member groups, and this is just one of the many benefits of joining CCPA.