Research Group

In the coming years, we aim to become more involved in child and adolescent cancer research across the UK. To learn more about the current situation, areas needing support and opportunities for greater collaborative effort, we have created a specialist working group, involving all our member groups who fundraise for or directly carry out research.

Our overall objective is to improve outcomes in child and adolescent cancer by increasing research funding streams, as well as efficiency and effectiveness in application of research funds.

We are currently seeking to:

• define our role in supporting child and adolescent
cancer research;

• provide a forum for member groups to share their
experiences, insights, ideas and concerns;

• collect information on member groups research
activities and areas of interest;

• raise key issues such as equity, efficiency and
best practice, with major research stakeholders;

• work with our member groups and other stakeholders
to develop a national strategy for supporting child and
adolescent cancer research.

We hope these discussions will lead to development of a collaborative national strategy that will add value to childhood cancer research and enhance our national research community. This is an exciting step forward for us as, and we hope to provide further updates soon.