Swishing Events

“Swishing Swaps are my favourite way of getting a new wardrobe!”

When the average UK woman has 22 items in her wardrobe that she has never worn, CCPA Swishing events combine glamour, environmental protection and frugality to offer an alternative way to enjoy a new wardrobe of clothes you can’t wait to wear!

Swishing is basically an exchange event; everyone brings clothes, shoes, bags even unused makeup to swap. It’s fun and you never quite know what you’ll come away with! It is a great way to revamp your wardrobe, have fun with friends and help a worth while cause.

For CCPA, Swishing nights are one of our most popular fundraising events, and we host regular events across the year. Last year our clothes swaps and clothing sales raised over £1000 to help support families whose children have cancer.

How it works

  • Buy a ticket & bring along clean, good quality pre-loved clothes, shoes, accessories
  • On arrival your items are counted & your ticket marked with that number
  • Enjoy browsing the stalls or have a drink whist we display all the items
  • We open the ‘swish’!
  • Take home a new wardrobe with the equivalent amount of items you bought
  • Make a donation for additional items you’d like to take

At the end of the night you may take any items that you originally bought along home with you but most ladies donate them to CCPA and we sell them to raise further funds.

Our next events are:

Posh, Party & Prom Swish     Monday 5 June          The Moat House Hotel, Stafford     7pm    Book your tickets

Ladies Swishing                        Tuesday 3 Oct            Perkins Club Stafford                         8pm

Host your own event

If you can’t get to any of our Swishing evenings, why not host your own event?  We can offer you plenty of support to run your own swish from printable tickets, posters and maybe even rails (depending on location).

Sign up for a check list giving you tips on planning, how to run an event and what to do after the big swap by emailing ro@ccpa.org.uk

A great way for beauty and fashion based businesses to support CCPA

For a business taking a stall at a Swish is a great way of meeting your target audience: women who are interested in fashion, beauty and having a great night out!

  • A trade stall costs £10 plus a prize for our popular raffle and includes;
  • A table and area to display area and sell your goods/services
  • Networking with swishing guests and other local businesses
  • Free swishing and the chance to take home some lovely pre-loved clothes

Promotion and acknowledgement of your support on CCPA social media platforms including our dedicated Clothes Swaps and Fashion Shows Facebook page