Clear Out! Cash In!

At CCPA we’re working hard to make our organisation and fundraising eco-friendlier.

That’s why we are promoting fundraising campaigns that aim to reducing, reuse and recycle everything from computer games to old bras!

Bookcases – Books for Hope

“A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.”

–Neil Gaiman

Our bookswap scheme is a great way to help us fundraise. Sharing classic reads, holiday reads and factual books.  Giving old favourites a new lease of life!

Why not host a bookcase, perhaps in your cafes, pub or works staff room? We supply a selection of donated books – modern titles in excellent condition, a bookcase and donation tin. Readers then browse and make a donation to take be books away.

As the bookcase becomes established we find that people will contribute titles back to the bookcase enabling CCPA to fundraise to continue its work to support families whose children have cancer.

CCPA is now also part of the BookCrossing network, so that as donated books are passed from reader to reader, they can be tracked; connecting readers locally, nationally and even internationally! You can also track your own donated titles by joining the scheme too. Click here for more info.

Currently we have bookcases in the following locations:

  • Eclipse Hair Salon, Marston Rd, Stafford
  • The Holmcroft Pub, Stafford
  • The Coach and Horses, Wheaton Aston
  • The Staffordshire Bull, Parkside, Stafford
  • The Royal Oak, Wolverhampton Rd, Stafford

If you have any avid bookworms that would like to get involved just drop us an email at



CCPA Swishing events combine glamour, environmental protection and frugality when guests bring pre-loved clothes & swap them. Swishing is basically an exchange event; everyone brings clothes, shoes, bags even unused makeup to swap. It’s fun and you never quite know what you’ll come away with!

Swishing events are CCPA’s most popular fundraising events which help us build lasting relationships with individuals, local businesses and community groups.   In 2016 we raised over £1000 from clothes swaps and clothing sales

We regularly host swishing events through out the year. Click here for more information.


Bra Donation

We are looking for organisations and individuals willing to donate old bras. The bras are exported to developing countries for resale at low cost to ladies who would otherwise not own one. Bras are expensive and difficult to manufacture in many developing countries.

CCPA is paid per collected kilo and every recycled bra is also one less useful item in landfill – so this is also a great green scheme!


Clothing Sales

Every year 1.5 million tonnes of unwanted clothing ends up in landfill sites. We work with a local business to recycle clothes that we can’t sell or include in our swishing events.  Clean, good quality items are re-sold. We work with Cash4Clothes so those items remaining are sold by weight for recycling.

You can help by donating items which we can then convert into cash whilst reducing the environmental impact of disposing of old unwanted clothes.


CDs, Games

From classic titles to modern releases we take computer games and dvds to convert in to funds.

Working with a local Stafford based business we can take donations of good quality un-wanted games, dvds and cds.


If you would like to donate to any of these schemes please drop your donated items off at CCPA’s offices at The Hub17 Eastgate Street, Stafford ST16 2LZ during office hours on Mondays, Tuesday or Wednesdays.