National Conference


Every year, CCPA brings organisations together at our national conference to share knowledge, information, best practice and support, including a myriad of charities and support groups who assist families throughout the UK.

This year the annual conference gave delegates the opportunity to;

  • network with other childhood cancer charities in the UK
  • work with other charities to raise the profile of childhood cancer
  • discuss the challenges their charity experiences, and how to they overcame them

Participants included parents, survivors and professionals working with charities that share the goal of improving the lives of children and young people with cancer, survivors and their families.

In 2017 we bought together groups and charities from across the country at the Hilton Hotel, Leicester in a packed day of networking, learning and conversation for progress.  The conference was sponsored by Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group and gave all those attending to network and showcase the work they undertake.  Delegates were able to choose from a number of training and interaction workshops covering topics such as social media, fundraising, IT & personal wellbeing. Interactive special interest sessions looked at local support, therapeutic breaks, research funding, national support & advocacy.