International Childhood Cancer Day

International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD) is a global collaborative effort to raise awareness of childhood cancer, and raise funds to support children with cancer in the developing world. This annual event was created by the Childhood Cancer International (CCI) a network of (formerly the International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organizations (ICCCPO)), a network of 177 grassroots and national networks of parent organizations in 90 countries and 5 continents.

International Childhood Cancer Day is based on CCI’s core belief that every child with cancer deserves the best possible medical and psychological care, regardless of financial means, social class, race or native origin.

The day promotes:
• awareness and understanding about issues and effects of childhood cancer
• access to treatment and care for all children with cancer, particularly in developing countries.

CCI’s “we care, we share” culture encourages member organisations to share information, knowledge and expertise to move forward care for all children. This ethos has inspired a new dimension to International Childhood Cancer Day. Childhood cancer organisations and families are encouraged to organise a fundraiser to benefit a charity of their choice that helps children with cancer on February 15th.

As UK representative to CCI, we fully endorse International Childhood Cancer Day as a wonderful opportunity to join hands in helping all children with cancer and their families.

The next ICCD is 15 February 2018. Find out more here