Cancer Site Specific Support


Primary bone cancer occurs most commonly in children, teenagers and young adults. The Bone Cancer Research Trust is devoted to promoting and funding research into the causes and treatment of PBC, particularly osteosarcoma and Ewing’s sarcoma, improving outcomes for patients; and providing information and support for patients and families.


When your child is diagnosed with a brain tumour you feel afraid, and isolated. little brainstrust is a national, dedicated support service for children and families that can help with tackling the emotional and practical challenges that arise. We provide 24/7 phone and email support, face to face ‘Meet Ups’, printed information and support tools, as well as an online community and web-based resources.

Childhood Eye Cancer Trust

As the UK Charity for children with eye cancer, we have three aims: 1. Supporting families affected in many emotional and practical ways. 2. Funding key research projects into this potentially fatal but highly curable disease. 3. Raising awareness among health professionals and the public.

World Eye Cancer Hope
Curable eye cancer kills 7,000 children each year and blinds many more. Every child deserves the best chance for cure. We educate to achieve early diagnosis, empower global delivery of sustainable high quality medical care, and enable family support programs that relieve burdens and improve access to essential care.

Friends of O.S.C.A.R (Oxford)
A small national charity based in Oxfordshire, supporting children diagnosed with a brain and/or spinal tumour, and their families. Friends of O.S.C.A.R provides information, small grants, a program of social events and parent support meetings. We also support bereaved families.

Guy Francis Bone Cancer Research Fund
Founded by teenager Guy Francis shortly before his death in 2002, Guy’s Fund supports osteosarcoma and Ewing’s sarcoma research; promotes awareness and education; advocates a “Patient Voice”; and campaigns for patients’ rights including welfare reform for young people undergoing long term treatment which may result in permanent disability.

Solving Kids Cancer
Solving Kids’ Cancer supports children and families affected by neuroblastoma, a rare form of paediatric cancer. There are around 100 new cases of neuroblastoma each year, of which children are predominantly under 5 years old. We provide a range of specialist support services to families affected by neuroblastoma designed to equip them with the knowledge and resources they need to fight this disease. We also fund the ground-breaking neuroblastoma research that is essential to push treatment forward and improve outcomes for children.


The Neuroblastoma Society
About 100 children are diagnosed with neuroblastoma in the UK each year. The Society works exclusively for these children in raising funds for British research into the disease, and offering information and support to families affected by neuroblastoma.

The Samantha Jones Trust
Founded by the friends and family of Samantha (16) who lost her battle with leukaemia in 2002. We aim to relieve the sickness and distress of children and families suffering from Leukaemia by promoting research into its causes, prevention and treatment, and the provision of financial and material support.


Bereavement Support

A Child of Mine
We aim to make a real practical difference to bereaved parents and their families by providing accurate, up to date information, guidance and signposting after the death of a child; and ensuring professional bereavement services are improved through the experience of other bereaved families