Trains, Ferries and Automobiles: All in a Day’s Work for CCPA’s Operations Manager!

Most people see me at fundraising and networking events raising awareness and funds or offering support for local families but in addition to this I work nationally with many other charities that support children and young people with cancer and their families.

National work and support

CCPA plays a very important role nationally as a membership organisation. We currently have 30 charities that are under the CCPA ‘umbrella’ and part of my role is to enable member groups to engage with each other, communicate and network and therefore save valuable charity resources and also serve families that use their services in the best way possible.

Our member groups range from the larger charities such as Teenage Cancer Trust & CLICSargent to smaller charities who provide very important support in their local area. There are also research charities and holiday providers. All of our groups carry out incredible work, often with limited resources and that is why bringing them together to learn and share, at events such as our National Conference or Support Workers Meetings is so important.

Visiting our members helps me understand their work and so, support them. I look at how their charity functions, how they help young cancer patients and their families and discuss how CCPA can help.

Trains, ferries and automobiles!

On a visit to The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, in East Cowes on the Isle of Wight, it struck me just how many forms of transport it had takes sometime to carry out my role!

I had travelled down the day before and was fortunate enough to be able to stay with a friend to reduce costs but had travelled on foot and also used a car, train, bus, ferry and floating bridge just to reach my destination!

The next day I visited the Youth Cancer Trust in Bournemouth – not quite so many different forms of transport but nonetheless another couple of trains to and from Southampton!

Dedicated and committed

I have to say that I feel very privileged to visit both of these amazing charities and meet their even more amazing and dedicated staff and volunteers who make such a difference to young cancer patients.

Working in the charity sector can be difficult at times. There are never enough hours in the day to carry out the work that I’d like to. However, the sleepless nights and long journeys are far outweighed by the rewards of meeting with so many committed, caring and inspiring people!


Rachael Olley

CCPA Operation Manager

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