Love to Lunch kicks off with donation, pumpkins & cinema trips!

Our last ‘Love to Lunch’ families meet up was really busy as it was half term, so our lovely families were also able to bring their school-age children.

We also had a very exciting donation of a cheque for £1019.46 that was presented to us at the start of the meal by Jane Hawkins and Mike Craghill from the funds raised by former footballer Graham Hawkins.

The reason that CCPA had been chosen to receive such an amazing amount is because one of the families we support had told Jane and Mike how much they appreciated the activities we provide. This resonated with me on two levels – firstly that as a small charity amongst so many worthy causes we were lucky to be chosen and secondly that one of our families had spoken about CCPA and our ‘Love to Lunch’ meet ups and other support activities and what they meant to them.

We provide the meet ups and all our other activities completely free of charge to families as we understand just how expensive it is to have a child or young person in the family undergoing cancer treatment. The families that come to the monthly lunches also say that it is such a treat as family meals out are very expensive.  It allows them to meet and chat in a safe environment with others undergoing similar difficult journeys. One family said recently that they would hope that all families, wherever they are based, could have access to such support. Having worked for CCPA for 14 years I know that sadly that this is not the case in many areas which makes me very sad, but I do know that although we can’t solve that issue we can make a difference to the families we reach in Staffordshire.

I try to find gifts and treats for the families whenever we meet whether its goody bags at parties and daytrips or seasonal items at ‘Love to Lunch’. This time our families were treated to pumpkins courtesy of Deb Green at Tesco Stafford – Deb is one of the amazing people that support our work regularly and that support is worth it’s weight in gold. I also gave out free Odeon cinema tickets that CCPA had been gifted by a great charity that we partner with for trips and treats called ‘Kids Out’ – one of the Mums said that it would really help out with the expense of keeping her family entertained during half term as a trip to the cinema is quite costly.

As always, I feel so privileged to be able to work with and for these amazing families and every day brings rewards such as a thank you or a message.

Each donation has a positive impact on what is a very difficult journey for the families we support. I spend a lot of time saying thank you but that is really important as I see the results of our work and know that we and YOU are making a difference, so you’ll have to excuse me for ending with another big THANK YOU to all our volunteers, donors and supporters!


Rachael Olley

CCPA Operations Manager


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