Small business owners: When doing the right thing makes business sense

I’m often asked why as a small business owner I support charities.

Owning and running a couple of small businesses, a technology consultancy and a classic car garage, with less than 10 employees in total across the both, CSR doesn’t really figure highly on our list of priorities.  Our business principles are based on our personal values, and most of our work comes from referral and repeat business. We already understand the business benefit of doing the right thing by the customers and the partners we deal with.

Having said that, even at our size, I still am keen that we support good causes, in our case the CCPA, not just because it is the right thing to do, but because it makes business sense, here is why I insist we do it:

Firstly, charities are often run on tight budgets by willing volunteers, and therefore the cost of involvement is low, whereas the potential coverage is big.   For our Broadspeed Classics business we sponsor the shirts for the local half marathon, for a few hundred pounds we get exposure to over 2000 potential customers, great value as our payback is from one customer acquired.

Secondly, charities are adept at getting exposure through partners, and we have made some great connections. Sponsoring the TeamGold half marathon shirts was a major factor to us exclusively obtaining the headline sponsorship of our local Classic Car Show within the first month of us setting up our Broadspeed Classics business.  There is no way we would have got the opportunity or exposure without the association.

Finally, our business is based on trust and has a family feel, the positive brand association for both our customers and our employees, reinforces who we are.  As an independent we are constantly trying to differentiate ourselves from our corporate competitors, and as they say, every little helps.

We take seriously our involvement with the charity we support, not just because they deserve it, but because it positively benefits our business.  Doing the right thing feels good, but doing the right thing and getting real business benefit from it feels better.

Chris Watson


Broadspeed Classics


If your business would like to find out more about how to get involved and support CCPA we’d love to hear from you. Email Amanda to find out more 

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