Changing my little piece of the world

Robbie, one of newest members of the TeamGold and CCPA stars volunteer team explains more about why and she volunteers with CCPA.


“When I was younger I wanted to change the world but, I’m not bright enough to be Marie Curie. I’m not brave enough to be Emily Pankhurst and not strong enough to be Ghandi.  I don’t have the faith to be Gladys Aylward.  So I decided I would change my little piece of the world and if other people did the same then all those little pieces will one day join up like a patchwork and the world will change!

I love volunteering. It makes me feel I am doing something worthwhile with my life. It gives me a buzz and it also gives me another social life. There is nothing nicer knowing the money we raise helps others and affects them in a positive way.


Boosting Self Esteem

Who do I help? Well, if I’m honest me most of all. This may sound selfish but to know you are helping someone boosts self esteem and self value.

The other side is I help families who are going through one of the worst things I can imagine as a mother and grandmother, and that is having a child in the family suffering from cancer (whatever the prognosis or outcome). I help give them the most precious of things: time.  Time to be together to do fun things, time to be with others who have been there or are going through the same thing, time to take stock of what is happening and to make precious memories.

Any Time Given is Vital

As a member of the CCPA Stars I attend meetings (very informal and fun) with like minded people of all ages and walks of life once a month to see what events we can organise to raise awareness and funds. We all share roles within the CCPA Stars framework and no-one person is more important than another.

We are all needed and valued as what we do is vital in making a difference to the families. From setting up to making coffee or running the London Marathon (I didn’t do this: I’m built for comfort and not speed or distance! But one of our CCPA Stars did and I am in awe of her). I help by giving ideas and trying to think of fun things to raise awareness and funds setting up stalls in fundraisers selling raffle tickets/tombola/tea coffee or whatever is required

I can spend as little or as much time as I can doing whatever I have committed myself to, some months it is as little as and hour to write a blog for the newsletter to 10-15 hours preparing a stall for a fundraiser or posting flyers at work, shops etc ANY TIME given is vital

So in the last few weeks I have, attended 2 meetings, got prizes donated for raffle and prizes for fun day, made posters (badly as printer blew up!) attended a fun day and sold raffle tickets (raising £500) attended a voluntary but extremely helpful training day, gone to a pub with fellow CCPA stars to accept a cheque for the charity and introduced a friend to the joy of volunteering.

I can’t run marathons but I know my little contributions mount up when added to my fellow CCPA stars efforts.  If you want to feel good I can recommend joining our little band of volunteers: we can’t rid of wrinkles but we can make you feel good and smile inside and out!”



CCPA volunteer


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