The British Town Crier tells us why he thinks volunteers are the happiest people he knows!

Twenty years ago I started as a Town Crier, and an agreement was made with Maureen, my long suffering wife, that we would wherever possible work together.

Unfortunately, my wife has for the last few years suffered with bad health, this has made it difficult for her to accompany me at some events. She now helps in the background making my regalia and keeping me organised, that she calls her ‘charity’ work. (She gets no pay).

During the 20 years as Crier, I have been to Buckingham Palace to take part in a proclamation of ‘Loyalty to the Crown’ also from the roof of Stafford Prison performed a proclamation for a charity supporting the homeless and pretty much all in between.

I can state quite categorically that helping the charities is the best part of being a Town Crier. I find I have the knack of controlling a large crowd and restoring some order of normality to an event. Whether a volunteer is working in a charity shop, driving people to and from their hospital appointment or organising a Summer Ball to raise funds for a charity there is one thing I have noticed… all volunteers are happy.

How is this? Getting up early or working into the night for no pay, how can this be a way of being happy. My answer is … I have no idea, but I am really happy doing it.

One of my regular charities is the CCPA. I have met people in my long life that have not been as lucky as myself. Every time I see my happy children, Grand Children and Great Grand children (the last two numbering 31) I feel blessed. I know that I am lucky and I thank God on a regular basis that I have been blessed.

If you find that your life is quiet, unfulfilled or you are just bored come and join an amazing band of people who are the best people and the happiest people I know, volunteer! I know they all need help but I find the CCPA one of the best to volunteer for.

Be safe. Be Happy. Be a volunteer.


Peter, The British Town Crier


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