Bonds of Friendship

Recently we hosted our first night out for parents of a child with cancer which was a great success. The parents were saying how important it is to keep in touch post-treatment as after treatment ends they are no longer in regular contact on the ward or invited to hospital-run trips.  This is a gap in provision of services that I feel CCPA fills and we can only do that with the fabulous support of our donors and fundraisers.

Bonds of friendship with others in a similar position can be really strong. Our families will have been through traumatic times and a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in young cancer patients and in parents is not uncommon.

Our free trips, coffee mornings and nights out enable parents to reinforce those bonds of friendship and peer support that made the cancer journey that little bit easier.

It was pointed out by one Dad that having families of patients off treatment mixed in with the newly diagnosed families gave the ‘newbies’ hope for the future. I completely agree with this. I met a ‘Mum’ and her boys the day my son was diagnosed with cancer and I was in utter despair until I saw that her children were both in school uniform & one had come into hospital after school for his treatment. It gave me hope that my son would be leading as ‘normal’ a life as possible despite this dreadful diagnosis.

I believe that hope for the future and resilience is apparent within CCPA in all our activities. The first time we ran the Pop Up Shop it was described by a customer as “The happiest shop I have ever been in”. Despite our serious work we face the tough times in a positive way.

Bonds of friendship extend to our Team Gold and CCPA Stars fundraiser’s and volunteers. When one of our Team Gold runners Carla was chosen to take our first London Marathon place she was supported in reaching her fundraising target by other Team Gold members and CCPA Stars who helped with bucket collections and gave her encouragement and help every step of the way. It really was a team effort and Carla and her family continue to support CCPA with future bucket collections planned. Carla is also a member of CCPA Stars and attended our training this week bring along her Mum to join us.

At times it can be hard work raising funds but our volunteers are fully supported and the friendships formed are as strong as the ones between the families we support.

Why not consider joining our CCPA Stars or Team Gold and benefit from being part of an amazing group that supports amazing families?


CCPA Operations Manager

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