About CCPA


Every day in the UK, 10 families are told their child has cancer.

Though 8 children will survive, the fight for their survival tests families to their limits – physically, emotionally, socially and financially.  For 2 families the search for cure will end in the devastating loss of their beloved child.

A myriad of charities and support groups across the country offer support and hope through the crisis of diagnosis, treatment and beyond.  They provide information, emotional support, financial aid, hospital housing, therapeutic breaks and more.

The Childhood Cancer Parents Alliance brings these organisations together.  We are unified in our common mission to improve the lives of families affected by childhood and adolescent cancer.

We facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experience and best practice among our members to help strengthen the individual member and the group. We provide support to solo support workers across the country. We encourage collaboration among groups with shared goals, and represent our members in multiple working groups at national and international level to improve care.

We provide support, encouragement and advice to families receiving care in the communities near Stafford.  When families across the country struggle to access local support, we offer help and advice so they do not feel alone.

We have a very personal perspective – most of our leadership team have had a child with cancer or have undergone treatment themselves in childhood.  So we know just how devastating it is to be told your child has cancer.